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Address: 8 Claymore Hill Road #01-03, Singapore 229572

Office Tel: 6737-4466 ( Call us to enquire about Studio Rentals!)

Staff Mobiles: 9838-2877 / 9670-3687 (Also Available on Whatsapp!!)

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Terms of Hire





Harmony Dance Studios Pte Ltd (“Harmony Dance Studios”) is pleased that you have chosen to hire and use its facilities at Dance On Us, 8 Claymore Hill, #01-03/04/06 Claymore Point Singapore 229572  (the “Premises”).  We thank you in advance for your business and will do our best in ensuring that our facilities are well maintained and available for your instructional use.


In connection to your proposed hire and occupation of our studio(s) (“Studio”) at Harmony Dance Studios’ Premises, the terms of the Studio Hire Agreement (the “Agreement”) are as follows:


1          ACTIVITIES


1.1       In consideration for your payment of our Hire Fees as set out in the Hire Invoice, the said Studio is/are made available for hire for the purposes of dance, fitness & movement activities during the Reserved Slot.  If there are activities other than dance, fitness or movement, you must inform Harmony Dance Studios, and can only proceed with approval.


1.2       Hirers should observe the maximum capacity of people allowed in each studio, and be sure not exceed the maximum capcity off students and teachers within the studio during the Hire Period. Unless written permision has been given by Harmony Dance Studios.




2.1       Your reservations are confirmed as soon as we have booked the required slots with invoices generated.  You are required to pay as soon as you receive the invoices through email or WhatsApp.


2.2       Harmony Dance Studios shall not be obliged to reserve the said Reserved Slot(s) for you until full payment of the Hire Fees and Deposit are made.




3.1       After making your reservation, any cancellation or variation of the booking within TWO (2) weeks of the booking date is subject to a penalty. 

3.2       Any cancellation or variation between 8 to 14 days of the Reserved Slot(s) (both days inclusive) is subject to a charge of 25% of the hire fee of the Reserved Slot(s).


3.2       Any cancellation or variation between 4 to 7 days of the Reserved Slot(s) (both days inclusive) is subject to), a charge of 50% of the hire fee of the Reserved Slot(s).


3.3       No refund shall be made for any cancellation made within three (3) days of the Reserved Slot.




4.1       Any extension of time beyond the Reserved Slot shall be subject to the availability of the said Studio according to the Studio schedule.  Such extensions shall be charged in blocks of 30 minutes.  Harmony Dance Studios shall have the sole discretion to alter and/or adjust the extension rates without prior notification.


4.2       To avoid additional charges, you are required strictly to vacate the studio when your Reserved Slot expires.  Extension charges will be applicable thereafter and shall be offset against the Deposit held by us.




5.1       We shall give you the first option, subject to the availability of the Premise, if you wish to extend the Hire Period with us.  However, you are required to give us written notice of at least two (2) weeks in advance from the date of your last Reserved Slot, of your request to extend the Hire Period.


5.2       In the event where the duration of this Agreement is indefinite, you shall give us a written notice of your intention to terminate this Agreement at least two (2) weeks in advance of your last Reserved Slot.


6          GENERAL


6.1       This Agreement applies strictly between you, the Hirer, and Harmony Dance Studios.  You shall not at anytime time licence, assign or transfer the Reserved Slot without our written consent and approval.


6.2       The Premises shall be used strictly and solely for the Activities prescribed herein, to wit, dance, physical fitness and/or other related activities duly approved by Harmony Dance Studios.  Any other activities shall be deemed unauthorized except with the authorization from the Studio management.  Harmony Dance Studios reserves its rights including the right to refuse, restrict and/or terminate such unauthorized activities.


6.3      Should the Premises be used for any unauthorized activities as described in Clause 6.2, Harmony Dance Studios or its authorized staff(s) shall have the sole discretion to terminate, without notice, this Agreement unilaterally and no refunds of Hire Fees and or Deposit shall be made.  All other rights available to Harmony Dance Studios is also hereby expressly reserved.


6.4       You shall undertake to ensure appropriate conduct of your good self as well as of your students, participants, observers and/or accompanying individual(s) and/or any other persons allowed into our Premises by you in upholding the image and reputation of Harmony Dance Studios over the entire course of the Hire Period.  Harmony Dance Studios reserves its rights in its sole discretion to refuse such groups and or individual(s) from entering its premises in event that it deems that the said group’s /his/her conduct is inappropriate.


            In particular, please ensure the volume of your activities and music is not a nuisance to other users of the Studio.  And a strict observance of your booking time is expected.


6.5       You shall undertake to observe the rules and regulation governing the use of the Studio as may have been made by Harmony Dance Studios.


6.6       You shall undertake to make good of any damage and/or loss to the Premises, its equipment, its fixtures and/or fittings during the course of the Hire Period.  It shall be your sole responsibility to ensure that the Premises, its equipments, its fixtures and/or fittings are maintained in their respective original condition before leaving the Studio.


7          DISCLAIMER


7.1       You shall indemnify Harmony Dance Studios fully against any claims whether monetary or otherwise made by or on behalf of your student(s), participant(s), observers, accompanying individual(s) and or any other persons allowed into our Premises by you, including but not limited to personal injury, theft of personal property(s), damage to personal property(s), chattels, etc.


7.2       In the event of any injury or death of any of your student(s), participant(s) during anytime that they are in the Premises, you shall undertake not to hold Harmony Dance Studios responsible and/or liable whatsoever and howsoever arising.  It shall be your sole responsibility to take out appropriate insurance coverage, as you deem fit and necessary.



8.1       This Agreement is to be governed by, and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Singapore.