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Address: 8 Claymore Hill Road #01-03, Singapore 229572

Office Tel: 6737-4466 ( Call us to enquire about Studio Rentals!)

Staff Mobiles: 9838-2877 / 9670-3687 (Also Available on Whatsapp!!)

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About Us

Situated in the heart of town at 8 on Claymore, 8 Claymore Hill Road, DANCE ON US is the ideal space for dance and fitness activities.


DANCE ON US is the only privately-owned dance and fitness studio in town dedicated to providing studio rental to anyone looking for a good quality dance studio space. We welcome all teachers, students, performing arts, fitness groups or anyone looking for a place to teach, practice and perfect their art form.


DANCE ON US offers affordable rental rates, plush surroundings, located right in the heart of the city to meet a variety of dance and fitness needs. We have a total of 6 spacious studios catering to different needs and class sizes.


At DANCE ON US we understand the importance of loving and caring for the instrument that enables us to enjoy dance and fitness – Our bodies! Specifically our legs, knees, ankles and feet! As such, DANCE ON US boasts beautiful high quality teak timber sprung floors. The studios also come fully equipped with full-length mirrors, ballet bars and professional audio systems.