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Address: 8 Claymore Hill Road #01-03, Singapore 229572

Office Tel: 6737-4466 ( Call us to enquire about Studio Rentals!)

Staff Mobiles: 9838-2877 / 9670-3687 (Also Available on Whatsapp!!)

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L'Academie de Danse



L'Academie De Danse

Maud Toledano, Founder and Director

Classical Ballet

L'Academie de Danse is the only French Ballet school in Singapore!


L'Academie De Danse offers a range of Classical Ballet classes for aged 3 - teenagers, Lyrical Jazz classes as well as Contemporary classes...



L'Academie de Danse 
Term 1 : From 10 September - 15 December 2018

For full class schedule, please click here.



Junior Ballet (Pre-Professional section)

The Junior Ballet is a section for dancers who would like to learn ballet more seriously by coming at least 2 times a week for the younger ones and everyday for the teenagers. The quality of the class is important for us and we have limited place in each classes. We select our students by their concentration, body abilities, and coordination and flexibility. 

For full schedule of Junior Ballet classes, please contact us directly.

Schedule / Dates

Please click here schedule.


For more information, or to register, email, call 9233 6525, or whatsapp 8223 4907.

Price / Payment



All class fees are listed in the last column of the class schedule.


One-time Membership Fee (compulsory for each student): $50

All fees are payable at the beginning of the term, either cash or cheque or bank transfer to "World's Talents Pte Ltd"


Trial Class: $50, will be taken as the membership, once the customer has registered.



Ballet - Ballet & Jazz - Ballet & Contemporary - Jazz & Contemporary
2 of classes of 1 hour per week (2 hours): $890 (original: $920)
2 classes of 1h15 per week (2h30): $910 (original: $940)
1 class of 1 hour + 1 class of 1h15 (2h15): $900 (original: $930)
1 class of 1 hour + 1 class of 1h30 per week (2h30): $910 (original: $940)
2 classes of 1h30 per week (3 hours): $930 (original: $960)
2 classes of 1h15 + 1 class of 1 hour (3h30): $1350 (original: $1390)
2 classes of 1h30 hours per week + 1 class of 1 hour (4 hours): $1370 (original: $1410)
3 classes of 1h30 hours per week (4h30): $1,390 (original: $1440)
From 5 hours per week and above: (unlimited package): $1,750/Term.
Terms & Conditions

For the first term only, you can join only after the term starts, fees for the remainder of the term can be paid pro-rata.

For the ongoing classes during the school year there will be no more payments by pro-rata, however you are welcome to replace a class any other day.

Fees are not refundable once the term has started.