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Suman is a talented Salsa dancer, instructor, choreographer and performer. He started dancing in 2001 and gained popularity in a very short time due to his speed of learning and the pace in which he garnered his Salsa achievements.  On the dance floor, Suman is reputed to be one of the clearest leads around. He is also known for distinct style of dancing. Despite his fancy moves, he always takes the time to dance with the shyest of beginners.


Rachel first started Salsa in 2004. With her natural talent and her passion for Salsa, she excelled rapidly beyond her peers. 

After eight months of dancing, she joined her first competition and managed to clinch the Champion’s trophy in the Singapore Salsa Competition 2004 with her attention-drawing ‘Saturday Night Fever’ choreography.


Salsa dancing has its roots in Latin America but is constantly evolving due to influences from a host of other cultures and dance forms. Of late, Salsa dancing has become a global phenomenon. 

Salsa is danced in at least 80 different countries and practically all over East Asia. The most popular style of Street Salsa danced all over the world would be the cross- body lead style, also know as the LA Style of Salsa dancing. 


The Bachata dance is characterized by intimacy and closeness, in keeping with the atmosphere of sensuality created by the romantic guitar music.  Couples dance in close proximity to one another or as close as they are comfortable with.  The Bachata dance is such a sensuous dance that even onlookers are seduced by its passion and beauty.





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Course Details : Dance Unlimited run several classes at Dance On Us. For updated information on the classes, please click HERE 

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To attend his classes please register, sign up and make payment online to confirm your slot click here to register

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After you choose your class, click on it and enter your email address to sign up for the particular class, you will then be directed to the payment page.

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Terms & Conditions

# To sign up for a Salsa class or any dance class, please key in your email address.

# Before you sign up for any salsa class please register your details first. Click here if you have not registered yet. Registration is free.

# Max intake per class is 20 pax.

# Payment to be made in cash before the salsa class begins.

# Refunds will be given at the discretion of the Company Management, however, salsa classes missed can be made up by attending similar classes in other batches.